A little bit about me

By day I’m a Tech Lead. By night I’m open sourcing, learning, reading, listening and blogging. You can find me as @charly3pins on Twitter.

I really like to learn new things almost everyday so I’m always reading books, listening podcasts or watching videos about tech. Also I want to put in practice all those learnings so I like creating PoC or side projects to try new things or investigate topics that I’m interested in. You can check my OSS projects in my Github.

As a strong defender of the KISS principle, when I ran into Go some years ago… it was love at first sight! All that simplicity that I have been always defending, it was made reallity in a programming language. Since then, a long journey started that still don’t finished. I’m still learning with the new versions and tools that are popping out almost every day. It has some limitations as it’s a “new” programming language, but it’s super exciting for me to live this growing and being lucky to actively participate, not just being an expectator interested on this technology.