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Tutorials, tips & opinions

Learn how to use the embed package in Go by building a web page easily

What is the new embed package added in Go 1.16 for and how can we use it to our advantage?

What I learned defining the Selection Process for a Software Engineer in the startup where I work

Learnings and tips I can share with you after three months interviewing different candidates.

Increase your productivity with Notion

Organize your ideas, manage your projects and track your life with the Notion app and boost your personal productivity to the next level.

The Pomodoro Technique

Improve the time management on an activity with this technique based on using a timer to divide time into intervals (pomodoros) of 25 minutes of activity, followed by 5 minutes of breaks.

Automate Your GitHub Profile README with Go and GitHub Actions

Create a dynamic Markdown file for your README with the help of Go and deploy it to your profile's GitHub using GitHub Actions.

My productivity setup for VS Code

I am gonna show you my setup for VS Code editor which makes me more productive and I feel more comfortable with the tool that I spend most of my time during the day.

Build an awesome GitHub's profile README

Quick and simple steps to create a portfolio in your GitHub profile page with a special repository and with dynamic GitHub stats.

How to have a multilingual site in Hugo

Know the configurations and the tricks to convert your single language site in Hugo to a multilingual site in just a few steps.

How to add Google Analytics to your Hugo site

Quick tutorial how to integrate Google Analytics in a Hugo website.

Raspberry Pi media player with Plex, Transmission, Sonarr, Bazarr and Jackett

Build your own media player using a BitTorrent client (Transmission), a PVR for Usenet and BitTorrent users (Sonarr), an API Support for your the torrent trackers (Jackett), a manager of subtitles in Sonarr & Radarr (Bazarr) and a client–server media player (Plex).