Who is 🤷‍♂️

I am a passionate Software Engineer who enjoys being in the ever-evolving world of technology, displaying boundless enthusiasm for exploring new innovations and emerging trends.

With experience in different sectors and different roles, I approach each challenge with fervour, leveraging my skillset to craft the best solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible always with the best practices whilst relying on high levels of security, resiliency and scalability.

My excitement stems from the opportunity to continuously learn, adapt, and create, making myself an invaluable asset in any team dedicated to pioneering the future of technology.

I’m an enthusiast of best practices as a way of success and you can find me as @charly3pins on Twitter.

I like to learn new things almost every day so I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts or watching videos about tech. Also, I want to put into practice all those learnings so I like creating PoC or side projects to try new things or investigate topics that I’m interested in. You can check my OSS projects in my Github.

As a strong defender of the KISS principle, when I ran into Go some years ago… it was love at first sight! All that simplicity that I have always defended, was made a reality in a programming language. Since then, a long journey started that still hasn’t finished. I’m still learning with the new versions and tools that are popping out almost every day. It has some limitations as it’s a “new” programming language, but it’s super exciting for me to live this growing and be lucky to actively participate, not just be an expectator interested in this technology.